Обновение SourceBans до 1.4.10

#1 2012.09.25 10:08:27



Вот и настал тот день, вышло новое от разработчиков Source Bans, а именно релиз новой SourceBans 1.4.10 с поддержкой новой игры CS:GO
Администраторы игровых серверов, спешите обновоится до данной версии, рекомендую сделалть как можно скорее, так как было много функций пофиксено, и опастных уязвимостей.
Вот список фикса Source Bans 1.4.10

(21/09/12): Version 1.4.10
01. * Added support for global overrides
02. * Added support for group overrides
03. * Added option to add admins without a password and email set, if they don"t have any web permissions
04. * Added mod support for CS:GO
05. * Added basic link parsing in comments. Pasted links are now clickable
06. + Fixed trying to unban badly formated steamids for games not using STEAM_0: but STEAM_1: or similar. Steam Universe is specified per mod.
07. + Added filesize of demo on download to enable browsers estimate the download time
08. + Trimmed whitespace from submission form input
09. + Added option to add disabled mods
10. + Servers are now sorted by serverid in the server list
11. + (Plugin) Enhanced sm_ban to use everything after the 2nd argument (time) as the reason. No "quotes" required.
12. ! (Plugin) Fixed creating another admin user if there already is one
13. ! Fixed a XSS vulnerability in the breadcrumbs. (Thanks NightlyDev)
14. ! Fixed LFI exploit for root admins
15. ! Fixed not rehashing all servers on some installs
16. ! Fixed case-sensitive search for "rcon_password" in rcon console
17. ! Fixed not showing expired bans as expired if the timezone of mysql and php differs. (That should NEVER be the case!)
18. ! Fixed visual glitch on the theme selection page showing an empty theme
19. ! Fixed community group banning failing for groups with more than 50 members
20. ! Fixed sql error when editing server rcon, if password contains a "?"
21. ! Fixed not showing players with quotes in their name on the server player list
22. ! Fixed not being able to kick/ban some players from the web directly. (not on the server anymore, while they actually are)
23. ! Fixed not checking for duplicated mods on mod edit/add
24. ! Fixed trying to use an invalid socket in CServerInfo causing ugly ajax errors instead of a clean "Error connecting"
25. ! Fixed showing 1.1.1970 as last login time, if user never logged in before
26. ? Removed unnecassary query in admingroup editform
27. ? Added link to FAQ to "Error connecting" message for admins
28. ? Updated IpToCountry.csv
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